About Our Temple

Welcome to Eastern Iowa Hindu Temple

The Easter Iowa Hindu Temple Association was established and incorporated as non-profit corporation under the Iowa non-profit corporation Act, Chapter 504A, 1999. Select the link below to read article of incorporation and by-laws:

Article of Incorporation and By-Laws

The functioning of the Temple shall be in accordance with the listed Articles of Incorporation and By-laws. The Board of Trustees set the vision and create an endowment of a substantial amount to support the mission of the temple. Select the link below to see current list of trustees :

Board Of Trustees

The founding executive committee members were elected to executive office on January 16, 2000. The executive committee runs day to day operations of temple and strives to achieve the vision set by Board of Trustees for the temple. Follow the link below to see current and past executive committee members along with editors of Pranava and web masters for Temple website.

2013 Executive Committee , 2013 Pranava Editors & Webmasters

Past Executive Committee Roster

The executive committee members have created following guidelines for Temple facility use by general body and consuming public interested in using the facility for social, religious, educational or fund raising purposes and these guidelines must be followed at all times without fail. Failure to follow these guidelines would result in banning the person(s) or group(s) from using the facility for a period of one year or more at the discretion of the executive committee.

Guidelines For Temple Facility Use

To contact Temple Trustees, Executive Committee members or Priest, use following link

Contact Temple

The directions to Eastern Iowa Hindu temple could be found in the footer

Donations to Temple

Please use below Paypal link to make donations to Temple online. Your donations are secure and you can use Credit/Debit/ATM or Direct Debit for donation :

Meeting Activities

The Temple EC, BOT and GB meetings are conducted in open and free process and members of Temple General Body and guests are welcome to attend these meetings. The meeting dates and times are as shown below in Google Calendar. You can access this calendar from your iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry phone if you access your Gmail from those phones. Please send an email to Web Editor at econtact@iowahindutemple.org if you want your email added to this Google Calendar.